Hi everyone, I found this Powerpoint presentation on my doctors' website.  He has 53 patients with CESD out of 300 (Late on-set-LAL Deficiency).  If you live in New York I advise anyone with CESD to go see him.  I told him about this site and how I was going to refer my fellow members.  He is doing seminars teaching other doctors about this disease and most importantly is looking for it.  He is working with a doctor in Mount Sinai to do a special test (liver biopsy) that will determin if I or anyone will get Cirrhosis in the furture and a bunch of other stuff. 

Dr. Patrick Basu (Liver disease specialist/ Gastroenterologist 11129 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375  (718) 275-8900

This is the presentation: http://www.gastrospecialist.com/lald/index_files/frame.htm

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Thank you so much for sharing this information Melissa!

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