We have LAL Solace bracelets! I will be happy to mail free bracelets to the 1st 10 people who respond! Just provide your name and address and how you are affected by LAL Deficiency. 

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Melissa Aguilar

9013 139th Street

Jamaica, NY 11435

LAL affects my life in a big way. I think about my children and when will be the last time I say goodbye to them.  It affects my health.  I am sick of being sick.  I look forward to the day when I can have a normal life again.

Thank you for being so open with your story. I will mail you a bracelet next week!

Thank you Mary.

Holly Hume

111 North Marion st

North Tonawanda ny 14120

LAL affect my 6 year old, who was diagnosed with it on october 10, 2012. He is my lil big man. No matter what he brings a smile to my face each and everyday. Everyone he meets falls in love with him. This is all new for my husband and I, are next step is treatment for it. So glad i found this site. Thank you mary!!


I will send you some next week! How many do you want/need?

3- 4  should be good. me and my husband want one for sure. I know my mom and sister mentiond they were interested in one to. But if not its ok. Thanks!!!

Thank you so much for the Bracelets!!! Everyone one i run into asks what it is for. Tristan wantd one but it was way to big for him lol. Thank you again for everything!!!

So glad you got them!

Thank you

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